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SLIM has initiated the “Gamata Marketing” Programme with the main objective of making regional SMEs aware of marketing principles and its applications using relevant strategies and tools for effective targeting of customer segments focused on delivering more specific products and services which satisfy segments effectively and efficiently than its competitors.

Further, they have implemented this programme as they believe that this knowledge based initiative would help uplift their business performance to next levels from where it stands now through streamlining their focus, attitudes and orientation towards market based product offerings. Therefore, this programme has become very successful and spread its roots to the public.

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Our Vision

Identifying and uplifting unseen entrepreneur’s in rural areas & emphasizing the importance of Marketing to enhance the living standards & maximize profit.

Our Mission

Through the applications product innovations the current monotonous and slow-moving rural manufactures, will be transformed into profitable business entities with the application of marketing knowledge through conducting marketing workshops/sessions with practical marketers. While emphasizing the importance of marketing for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs in rural areas and creating market places local and international.

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