Avant-Garde Fashion Collection

The masculine solidity
the strength of the crust...

Inspired by the hardness of the bamboo tube comes the interconnection, building the definitive crust or core. With the blend of leather, metal and bamboo tubes; come the trendy crust of various depths of light and shade.

Dananjaya Basnayake, Ruwan Muhandiramge, Nuwan Peshala

Arrays of grace
porosity explored...

The fibrousness of bamboo brings forth the wonderful unique feature of porosity to this material. Exploring this fact and inspired from the movements of the stalk comes yet another miracle of creativity. Bamboo fiber strips and nature friendly cashew nut glue is what have been used in producing this ensembled item.

Chathurani Liyanage, Sapun Samarawijaya, Umedha Semini

the battle of lines and space...

Based on the concept of the ultimate combat of space creating confusion and mess, this Avant-Garde focuses on the movements of the shoulders and hip. Inspired by the bamboo bush as a whole, materials as thread and bamboo stripes come together in the making of this final product.

Sandaru Maharamba, Nisansala Samarakoon, Tharushi Sarathchandra

Descant of Stratums
layers of grains...

Inspired by the layers of the bamboo shoot, the materials of bamboo strips woven with the use of bamboo paper and leather have brought together this work of marvel creating shades in segments of layers.

Amani Weerasinghe, Yashika Keshani, Anuradha Samarasekara